Hot selling instant chinese desktop personal mini hot water dispenser

Instant Boiling Water Dispenser


Voltage: 220-240V

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1.Dispense and stop water by on/off button,easy for operation.

2.Plastic body with stainless steel decoration.

3.Energy saving,dispense boiling water in 5-10 seconds,100% boiling water guarantee,95 degree or above.

4.Dispense water up to 400-500ml per minute.

5.Temperature knob to select variable water temperature: adjust from normal temp. water to 100C water.

6.ON/OFF button,press on,indicator turns in green,dispensing out hot water,press off stop working immediately,when indicator turns in red remind lack of water.

7.Boil dry and overheat protection: two thermostats double safety anti-dry protection,non-working reset funciton.

8.Rotatable spout for easy cleanning.

9.Removable transparent water tank with clear water level mark.

10.Detachable water drip tray with stainless steel cover for easy cleaning.

11.Can choose with or without water filtering function,if with Strix filter&filter box,

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