Instant hot water dispenser with hot children safety lock

2.7L Insert  Fast Boil Cool Touch kettle

Voltage: 220-240V
Power:2200-2600 W

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1.Stainless steel fashion design,digital control,big LED display with white light background,showing temp.and volume,sensor touch,child safety lock.

2.With 5 different water volume selection:000(continual water)100ML/200ML/300ML/400ML.

3.With 7 different water temp.selection:000(normal water temp.)/45C/55C/65C/75C/85C/100C.

4) 6 sensor touch buttons with white light(lock/temp/volume/on off/milk/coffee)

5.One touch button for brewing milk with setting 40C.

6.One touch button for brewing coffee with setting 92C.

7.Boil water instantly,just take 5-10 seconds dispense out desired temp. and volume of water you want.

8.Removabletransparent water tank with clear level mark.

9.Detachable water drip tray with stainless steel cover for easy cleaning.

10.Boil dry and overheat protection: two thermostats double safety anti-dry protection,non-working reset funciton.

11.With error message on display and E7 sound alert for water empty.

12.With memory of last setting under plug in.

13.Scale cleaning function: when cumulative use reach 10 hours,descaling flash on display to remind scale cleaning. 14.Can choose with or wihout water filtering function

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