Advantages and disadvantages of household desktop free installation water purifier

Advantages of installing no water purifier:
A popular type of portable water-free water purifier for home use is available on the market. According to your own use, effects and feelings, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this water-free water purifier:

Desktop free installation: no need to connect complicated water pipes like ordinary water purifiers, no complicated installation lines, no professional plumber installation, no need to connect water pipes, avoiding the trouble of installation.

Multi-level temperature design: The installation-free water purifier can meet the needs of drinking water through the multi-level temperature selection of room temperature, warm water, and hot water.

Intelligent reminder: Desktop free installation water purifier usually adopts an intelligent LED LCD display, TDS real-time display, water output selection, water change, water shortage, maintenance and replacement reminder, anti-dry burning, overheating / water shortage, sleep mode, abnormal water production, And other functions.

Portable mobile: compact body, portable mobile, can be placed at any time in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, and other situations.

Child lock design: One-key child lock protection design protects the baby from being burned.

High filtration accuracy: The core technology of RO reverse osmosis is adopted, and the filtration accuracy can reach 0.0001 microns, ensuring that the filtered water can reach the drinking water national drinking standard.

Ready-to-drink and ready-to-use: Using rare-earth membrane circuit heating technology, cold water can be heated to boiling in 3 seconds, so that it can be used immediately after being hot.

Zero waste water: ordinary RO machines will produce waste water, and the installation of water purifiers is to achieve reuse of waste water through recycling and reuse, and the product is more water-saving and environmentally friendly.

Easy filter replacement: Because of the snap-in filter design, you do not need a professional maintenance technician to operate and replace the filter.

Disadvantages of installing no water purifier:
The water tank has a small capacity: the original water tank without a water purifier is only 6 liters. When more people use it, the raw water needs to be replaced frequently to meet the needs.

Expenses for replacement parts: Due to the different standards used by different manufacturers, the filter can only be replaced by the corresponding manufacturer and brand for replacement. This way, the choice of accessories is relatively simple, and the cost of replacement parts may be more expensive later.

After-sales maintenance: Because the product uses many electronic devices, different manufacturers and brands use different electrical boards. If there is a problem with the product, you can only find the corresponding manufacturer or brand for after-sales service.

Post time: Aug-26-2022