Water is the source of life, modern people for the importance of drinking water is more and more important, like the usual heavy metal contaminated water, we do not know the situation of long-term drinking may lead poisoning, serious anemia, and even insanity. In fact, most cities and towns of the tap water are in line with national standards, but after the factory, through a long pipeline transport to thousands of households in the process, the pipe will be used for years aging, rust, scale, etc., will contaminate the water quality itself. According to statistics, ah, three cities below the incidence of urinary calculi is more than three cities five times the incidence of urinary calculi, if long-term consumption of calcium, magnesium and other ions in the high content of water, the incidence of urinary calculi will be relatively high.

It can be seen that if your home water quality is not good or worried about the secondary pollution of tap water supply, water purifier is also necessary to purchase, the mainstream industry material is RO reverse osmosis.

First, the role of RO reverse osmosis cartridge RO reverse osmosis cartridge in the reverse osmosis membrane pore size of 0.1 nanometers, filtration precision can reach 0.0001 microns, what concept? A hair of one ten thousandth, can filter out water bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic impurities.

Tap water through layers of filters and then filtered out is the need for a lot of pressure, depending on the pressure of the tap water at home is unable to achieve, so ah RO reverse osmosis cartridge must be energized to allow the booster pump to work, so in the process of making water with a certain noise value.
Second, how to choose RO reverse osmosis water purifier
1. Storage type water purifier
The so-called storage type is with a closed storage bucket, in we don’t drink water, the water purifier will always make pure water, and then stored in the storage bucket, we can directly drink the pure water in the storage bucket, this is actually the use of the water purification time, so that it has always been water purification, this way to meet the majority of people’s water purification needs. However, it does not meet all users, for the daily water demand for users is not very friendly, because it each time the amount of water storage depends on the size of the tank, after drinking, you need to wait for water storage, this storage time is actually still quite long, and there is also a problem is that, although it is said that the storage bucket is closed, but if the filtration process is contaminated, it can not be detected in time, this is also one of the scope of consideration.

2. Kitchen water purifier
Kitchen water purifier and desktop water purifier in fact there is no big difference, under the table as the name suggests need to be installed in a number of countertops under the fixed position, whether it is cooking or drinking water, it can be done at any time to use at any time to net, with how much net how much. The water source of the under-counter integrated water purifier is easy to install and easy to replace the cartridge, is a good choice.


3. Countertop water purifier
Compared to the kitchen water purifier, desktop water purifier, installation-free design where you want to put where you want to put, and support for different water quality models to buy, not just the kitchen water purifier common pure water, it can be separated from the water tank, adding water pouring more convenient. Like home with a small child, crying at night to wake up and need to rinse milk powder, you do not have to run to the kitchen to boil water and then wait for the water to cool, you can directly control the amount of temperature control of the rinse milk powder convenient a lot of daily family members to drink tea at any time you can always soak in hot water, the general capacity of the water tank or to meet the daily drinking water for more than 3 people, the shortcomings are also still there, such as if we are using the washing dishes to cook the kitchen with a relatively large amount of water may not be as good as the Kitchen water purifier.

In short, a water purifier is a worthwhile health investment in any living environment. Adding or replacing a water purifier that meets the needs of the entire family is contemporary home wisdom.


Post time: Nov-14-2023